Your Monthly Horoscope


Your attention is drawn to lovers, children and other people or things dear to your heart. Being appreciated and admired for the way you share and give of yourself is a powerful need and you enjoy returning the same appreciation to others. Your appreciation of others and the beauty in your life as well as the love of those around you are where you will find comfort. This afternoon there is time to bust out of your thoughts and try something new; perhaps you have never been to a flea market or a farmers market. There is much communication between friends. Philosophical disagreements can become overblown, however careful. Family matters get top priority this evening. Play a sort of banking or shopping game with a child to teach about money.


Satisfying days make up for all the stress that comes with the challenging days. This is a rewarding day; you can grab the attention or the benefits. Work is easy to complete. Travel and adventure are compelling temptations as you dare to test your metal and stretch your horizons. You can demonstrate great understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others just now and are in a good position to communicate concerning groups and society. You may be able to bring a group together with words or ideas that transport others. Poetry and art may be possible now. Creative endeavors may bring monetary rewards praises for the depth of your imagination and creativity are overflowing. Movies, books and all forms of escape are enjoyed.


Although you shy away from challenges, you cannot escape facing a few of them. Challenges are what helps us grow learning about ourselves and others. Challenges also help us to improve our problem solving skills today may be challenging. An irresistible force meets an immovable object proceed with caution! There are appropriate times to express your feelings. Today your problem solving skills may be more directed toward learning how to stay out of a sticky situation. There is a lot of energy available for whatever is needed. The secret to a successful day is a good meal and breaks where you can really enjoy some quiet time, which may include a walk or some exercise routine. Water, music and an animal are forms of relaxation this evening.


This morning you are up early and in the mood to clean and clear away any clutter, whether it be inside or outside your living area. You are in a determined mood to make things look neat and to clear away the cobwebs, so to speak. Clear thinking is important just now. Today you could be teaching or attending a lecture. Your words and ideas can transport and enchant listeners, carrying them beyond the world as they know it and into the world as they wish it could be. You may decide that this afternoon is the time to put your energies toward some environmental concerns. You may help to organize some benefit for the kids in your town. Children certainly have your attention as you want very much to help them have a good start in life.


Contracts signed now through the end of this month will have positive results. High-tech gambles could pay off in big ways. Superiors seem to demand more than usual today. Making this a harmonious day may depend on your willingness to tend to someone else’s needs. Turn about fair play will happen for you soon, but for now a patient attitude will be most important. Unconventional hobbies and other forms of self-expression that break from the norm play a bigger part in your life now. A child or lover may be rebellious or perhaps simply ahead of his or her time. Romance and recreation take on an unusual character, out of step with ordinary expectations. You may find that you have intuitive abilities that you had never noticed before.


If professional advice is needed, today and tomorrow are the most productive times to seek that advice. Stresses and blocks that previously were in your way, now seem to be fading. Faith untested is not worth bothering with: that’s the lesson that takes center stage in your life now. This is apt to be a time of analyzing religious, philosophical or ideological beliefs becoming more aware of their logical shortcomings. Legal, political or educational experiences require serious thought and planning. This afternoon you could be plotting your next move to success. You could have some fun times with young people later today. You are very imaginative when it comes to other people and relationships of all kinds. Relax this evening romance is possible.


You may have trouble getting moving, but once rolling, others better move aside. This is an excellent time to be in school, or to work at a job. You will benefit from logical insights, getting to the heart of things. After you have given some time for thought and focus, negotiations during this time can be quite positive. If you take it easy and do a bit of research, you will find yourself in a good position to resolve or finalize plans. You may have a wonderful opportunity to socialize this evening. This could be in a restaurant or at a community get-together. Networking at this time, with people who share your interests, provides both support and feedback for future achievements. Today and tomorrow are the best times this month to begin a diet.


You may be helping people who find difficulty in listening or grasping what is told to them. Try not to personalize the situation and repeat yourself in several different ways. Sometimes people need to hear an explanation in a different sort of presentation or explanation. Much is accomplished today. This could mean that some form of teaching, lecturing, conference or research work is accomplished. Your mind is very clear and your thoughts are brought to a sharp focus. It is easy to organize your thoughts and communication of all kinds is furthered. Write that book–take that course. Your thoughts count–so use your mind and communicate. You may have sudden insights, and you will have an unexpected boost in the way you express yourself.


Today is a big communication day. Continue with ongoing negotiations and expect positive end results. There are good results as you dare to take risks. You will prosper through new insights and an independent point of view–do not hold back. You plan to do some entertaining in your home and may decide that now is the time to shop for more updated furniture. You could find some good sales that will help you make decisions on what you want. You must realize that some furniture stores may not have the furniture ready as quickly as you would like; a planning attitude may be the best attitude for now. Measure the furniture you are ordering and when you get home you will know exactly how it will fit. Consider home delivery for food this evening.


Examine and reorganize your workplace to reflect an environment that will increase productivity. Speculative ventures have tremendous promise. Retirement planning also can be especially fortunate. This is a good time to promote your talents or to make proposals. Your discipline and focus in creative endeavors help you to be creative in the way you make your presentations. You tend to take everything with great passion. Your drive to get at the heart and truth of things is constantly invoked and serves as a common theme in your life. You may find that your personal growth depends upon how you can handle some very sensitive subjects this afternoon–patience. You make the right choices when you give yourself time to think before you speak.


Your organizational abilities and sense of responsibility will be what guides you and proves successful at this time. Your career could assume a much more determined and solid form–a firm foundation. Making your mark on the world has special significance for you now. Achievement, ambition and authority are things that take on greater importance. Organizing and administering people and projects will become central to your lifestyle. Speculative ventures fare well at this time. You may finally see some results from an investment you have held for some time. A relationship will improve as the evening moves along; you can help your loved one to relax with a massage. A massage could also be shared. Home is where the heart is this evening.


At the workplace today there is a sense of emotional coolness or detachment at the personal level. You may find this a good setting for working and accomplishing much. It is ideas that count for you now, more than narrowly personal concerns–and you may have little tolerance for people who do not operate at this level. You value what is honest and straightforward and have a particular dislike as to what is secret, intense and private. The new, unusual and at times, the whimsical are the things that instinctively appeal to you. A social event this evening will find you at your most elegant. You draw emotional sustenance and a sense of security from ideals, friends and social involvement now. Tonight is for laughter and fun conversations.

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