What is Chakra Balancing


The Chakras are the 7 main energy center of our bodies. These swirling vortexes regulate the energy flow throughout our bodies. Each energy center will open or

close depending on what we are feeling or thinking. When a chakra is open too much it is considered over-active. Conversely, when it is closed too much it is under-active.

Below are some examples of the effects the unbalanced chakra can produce.

Root ChakraGrounded, stable,secure, Under-active – Fearful, nervous, unwelcome.  Over-active – materialistic, greedy, obsessed with security and resistant to change.

Solar Plexus Chakra– Assertiveness, in control with sufficient self esteem.  Under-active – Passive, timid, indecisive, don’t get what you want.  Over-active – Domineering, aggressive, bully.

Heart Chakra– Love, kindness, affection, compassionate, friendly.  Under-active – Cold and distant.  Over-active – Suffocate people, give for selfish reasons.

Throat Chakra – Self expression, communication  Under-active – Tends not to speak too much, introverted, shy.  Over-active – Domineering, speaks too much, bad listener, keeps  people distant.

 3rd Eye Chakra – Insight, visualization, intuition.  Under-active – Rigid in thinking, rely on beliefs and authority.  Over-active – Live in the world of fantasy, hallucinations.

Crown Chakra – Unprejudiced, in tune with the world and self.  Under-active – Not very aware spiritually, rigid in thinking.  Over-active – Intellectualizing things to much, addicted spiritually ignoring bodily needs. 


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