Zodiac Sign Feature of the Month – All About Sagittarius

Sagittarius 2013 Horoscope

Personal and Social Life in 2013:

2013 marches in presenting you with a map of many roads. A Grand Air Trine on January 4 gives you the key to unlock new discoveries. At first you may be surprised at how it gives you new insight on your family relations. Even on those days when you’re keeping your head down, sorting out your troubles, your private life will accelerate to the point where you’re receiving welcome guidance you never expected. If you have children, even they might surprise you with nuggets of wisdom that will stop and make you think.Beginning at the end of January with the Full Moon in Leo, there will be a fair amount of friends pulling you in various directions. Some of them may be highways of promise and others may be dead ends. It’s up to you to keep a clear head and look at your personal “road map” to decide if a path is right for you. Don’t let the joviality of the social scene decide your course. Real friends will be there for you even if you’re forced to say “no” to them.

For those of us born on December 13:
Happy birthday! Go out and shine brightly all year long! Each day can be the start of something wonderful and new no matter how big or small. Keep a cool, realistic eye on money matters, especially in February. Friends and family bring you warmth and encouragement in March and April. Enjoy all the fun and surprises in store for you. Several smooth, pleasant months await you, then things heat up socially in October and November. There’s no one you can’t charm. End the year in a contemplative mood, making sense of the many good things that happened. It’s a year for optimism!

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