Why seek real psychic readings after a loved one passes?


Spiritual communication and real psychic readings help to assemble what seems to have been separated or lost through death, love and interaction with our loved ones. We are looking for spiritual communication because we want to know if our dear survives death and if they do, where are they and who are they with and if they are the same people whom we knew and loved when we were together on earth?
In short, why would the spirit of the body seek to establish contact with the spirit outside the body and vice versa.

When a medium can communicate with our loved ones in the spiritual world it can be a huge resource of redemption and healing in particular. This is authentic psychic readings. How often have we not seen our loved ones contact us from the spiritual world through a medium to express that they are sorry for mistakes made in the past. This applies not only to those in the body here on earth but also in spirit. The ability to say “sorry” can be incredibly healing for all involved. Although death is not just suddenly giving us insight into every aspect of life, miracles and mysteries it does change a lot. The spirit sees things from a different perspective. The fact that an individual is awakened in spirit, alive and well may be the most amazing redemption in itself. On the other hand, the spirit is eager to get in touch with their loved ones on the ground as they have come to see how they have changed after the deceased left his physical body.

Finally, what would spirit wish to tell us through real psychic readings…

Some psychics can in a live online psychic reading provide names, addresses, telephone numbers, license plates and other practical information. Ever so interesting this might be, what does it prove or demonstrate? It proves that there is some connection established between the psychic and the sitter. But does it prove that there is life after death, proves that the media or psychic is in contact with your loved ones in the spiritual world? Is that authentic psychic readings? Not necessarily. If you were to die and was given an opportunity, perhaps the only one to communicate to your dear what would you say to them, would you really give them your old address or phone number or talk about money? Would you perhaps better share who you are, the nature of your personality, what you liked and did not like, what motivated you in your life, talk about the memories you shared with your loved ones … In other words, would you not prefer to assure that it really was you who were there with your loved ones and that you were well?

I was born a psychic, I knew it from as long back as I can remember.  I have helped changed many people’s lives in different ways, and would love the opportunity to show you anything you need to help heal yourself.

Feel Free to give me a call at 520-881-6400


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