Tarot Card of the Month


The focus of this card is on…

Conflicts of interest, unexpected developments, important news that changes or alters your course, also important news and information.

You will be experiencing fluctuating mood swings, this is a result of problems related to work and personnel situations and you will find it very hard to keep your emotions under control. You will want to change your destiny or get back together with someone you have parted from.


Someone in your family will be a tremendous burden or constant source of agitation to you, and you wish you could be free of them. You will also find that someone around you, a friend or loved one will fall ill, and they could wind up in hospital. Any rifts that have occurred in the family will be resolved, after you both come to a compromise


You may find that you will be disappointed in the pursuit of love and happiness someone from the past is going to return, but you will be undecided how the relationship is going to go. Negative conditions are going to end followed by an important decision. 

You will be receiving a message from an admirer. A love from the past may appear in your life and then disappear as quickly as they came. If you are in a situation where you have parted with your partner, you will find that you both agree to get back together.


Your work may be unsatisfactory to you and you may decide to make some necessary changes or new arrangements. Finances may be dwindling which will cause you worry, or you may be concerned that your profits won–t make up for your losses. Important news will shed light on these issues. There is good news on the horizon about your finances, so this would be a good time to begin a business or to make money through commercial enterprises.


Although you have suffered, loneliness or enforced isolation, a new transition in yourself is about to begin. You will have a change of heart brought about someone or something and some important news or information is in the offing. You will be making some permanent changes to do with your business or work. You will also start making changes to your health; this may be changing your diet or beginning an exercise program.

Any goals you set for yourself will be achieved, encouraging you to push yourself more. You may even decide to write something (perhaps a column for a magazine or book), or there may be an article written about you. You will be gifted with the ability to teach or enlighten others and you may have interest in the metaphysical field (life after death, reincarnation etc). To your delight someone will give you a nice gift, something that you need or always wanted. 

Also for those who are unemployed you may be given an offer of work in the near future. You may be waiting for a letter, document or package; it will arrive soon.


You may be considering a checkup test for health problems now current, all results will be in your favor.


You will travel for work or study and you will hear about someone you care going on a trip, or a friend from the past will call with a vacation invitation


There may be increases in your financial obligations, living expenses or rent. If you are requiring service people you will find that they will have to return because their work wasn’t completed.

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