How to Become a Psychic Medium



The ability to talk to the dead has long been held in the mind of skeptics as fraudulent, but what is the truth behind a credible Medium and how does one cultivate their own innate intuitive abilities to become a Medium themselves? Learn the secrets behind the wizard’s curtain to reveal the innermost workings of a Psychic Medium and discover what it takes to talk to the dead.


1.  Determine your level of abilities, one must begin by assessing their spiritual senses otherwise known as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and clairgustience (clear smell/taste). To assess these abilities, there are several methods, one of which is taking Psychic Development classes at your local Spiritual/Metaphysical Bookstore. If you’re less than thrilled with that idea, then there are a plethora of books on the market, however, one surefire way to practice your skills is to use a deck of regular playing cards, pick up a card and before turning it over ask yourself if it’s red or black, instead of guessing, watch, listen and wait for the answer to come to you. Did you hear it in your head, did you see it in your mind’s eye, or did you just sense that it was a certain color? Once you have clearly received the answer, say it out loud, and then turn the card over. Does it match? If not, there are two main reasons. One is that you were impatient so you guessed and didn’t wait, the second is that you heard/sensed/saw the right answer, but doubted yourself so you second guessed the answer believing that your first instinct couldn’t be right. Keep up the practice as it will become easier and easier with time and you will gain a clearer insight into how you receive intuitive information.

2.  Learn to ground and clear your energy field. If you are constantly analyzing in your mind and never quieting it, how can you know what you feel like? On a daily basis we tend to worry over the inane and mundane facts of life that have little, if any, relevance to who we are and, therefore, mean nothing. That being said, to ground your energy you need to become quiet, close your eyes and imagine your feet becoming tree roots, as they reach the core of the earth you feel the earth’s energy rising up and up into your legs until it comes up to your waist, and then you feel the top of your head opening like a lotus blossom and white divine/sky energy comes down in a pillar filling up your body until it reaches your waist when the earth and sky energy intersect, grounding you, keeping you connected.

  • After grounding, one needs to clear their energy, however, this can be quite a lengthy process so for time’s sake the quickest and easiest method is again to get quiet, close your eyes and visualize or imagine a white light surrounding you and as it does it begins to break away any dark, negative, or foreign energies, until eventually all that is left is white light.
  • After becoming proficient and knowledgeable about your intuitive senses and grounding/clearing your energy, you have a tool kit of resources to call upon when reading the dead. ‘How?’ you may wonder, but mind you reading the dead takes practice, like any other skill, so do not expect it to happen overnight. To read the dead you must become acutely in tune with the spiritual senses that were mentioned in the first step, you must know how you receive intuitive information from Spirit so that you can easily communicate between the worlds. The steps listed above are ways to practice to become proficient at your abilities, taking classes or reading/researching further material to broaden your Psychic education. However, once proficient in your abilities, begin by starting or finding a Mediumship Circle. A Mediumship Circle is a group of Mediums that gather to bring through messages from the other side. As the name implies they sit in a circle and cast protection before they begin. Remember, as there are unethical people in life there are unethical spirits, so make sure to protect your energy by imagining or visualizing a pink/white light around you and for extra protection imagine a circle of mirrors around you as well facing outwards to deflect any negative energies. Once you have protected your energy, say a prayer to Spirit/God/Goddess/Universe to assist all the circle participants in connecting to those spirits that are in the highest light with positive messages for healing. Once you have stated the prayer, ground your energy and ask in your mind who is there. Wait for an answer, once you see the image, sense a feeling, hear a name or an event, be calm and say it out loud immediately so that someone in the circle can validate the message. The more and more you just say what you are getting the easier things will come to you and the more proficient you will become at connecting to the other side. At first, you may not get much and as time goes on you will receive more, so trust it and focus on what you get right. Please know that even Mediums are human and, therefore, are rarely 100% accurate, neither is science, it’s all a theory, so learn to believe in yourself and the abilities you posses.

3.  State the message (i.e. I have a mom here that says she was a shopaholic) you are receiving, a member of the circle will validate it, by saying something along the lines like, ‘Yea, my mom was a shopaholic when she was alive and loved to spend money.’ Once you have validation ask the Spirit more questions, ask them their name, how they died, what their occupation was in life and shared memories they had with the sitter (the live person getting the reading). Once you receive answers to these questions, again state them out loud and allow the client to validate and affirm your messages. Please note that as a Medium the most you should ask for is a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ response. From time to time the client can clarify on things for you, however, you are the Medium, it is your job to bring through valid information and a good Medium never asks the client to tell them the name of the deceased or any details, otherwise it is not a valid reading.

  • After practicing in the Mediumship Circle, note that you can now go out and read one on one with other people, however, please note that you are affecting another human life and, therefore, have a responsibility to uphold truth. Please do not mess with another person’s life for fun as these abilities are meant for those that have a honest intent to use these abilities for the betterment of humanity.

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