Your Psychic Power Affects the People you Attract



This is called “THE LAW OF ATTRACTION”


So many people ask this question with regard to the Law of Attraction – “How long does it take to see results?” The answer is that it depends on what you want, how much you want it, and what you are doing to attract it.

A lot of people tend to think that the Law of Attraction is simply like a wishing well – you write your wish down, and it should suddenly appear. Notice that the word “ACTION” is part of “attraction” – you must take action toward what you want in order for it to be drawn toward you.

Working with the Law of Attraction is not just about wish fulfillment, it is about understanding that your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions are always attracting your experiences to you – the Law of Attraction is constantly in effect in your life. If you want to attract something other than what you are currently experiencing, then you must change your thoughts, words, feelings AND actions to attract what you want.

There are several keys to living the laws of attraction. The first is to understand the “attention focus law of attraction”, which simply means that whatever you focus your attention and energy on most of the time is what you will experience. The Law of Attraction is ruled by these three things: attention, energy and time. These are the three ingredients that are required in order to create, manifest and attract anything.

The “attention focus law of attraction” says that first, you must focus your attention on what you want to attract and create in your life. This is why it is good to make lists and vision boards that allow you to focus your attention on what you want – which is essentially putting your order in to the Universe so your guides can help you attract and create it.

The next step with the Law of Attraction involves energy: you must energize what you want with your feelings and emotions. You must feel excited and grateful for what you are creating in order to attract it, because your feelings and emotions are the magnets that draw your experiences to you. If you are depressed, you will draw more experiences that are on that same wavelength, because one of the laws of attraction is that like attracts like, or like energy attracts like energy. By the same token, if you feel joy and gratitude, you will attract more experiences that inspire joy and gratitude, which are powerfully attractive energies. Who would you be more attracted to, a person who is depressed, or a person who is radiating joy and gratitude?

The final step in manifestation with the Law of Attraction requires time. This is not just about having the patience to wait while the Universe cooks up your order, although patience always helps since things can manifest somewhat slowly in the third dimension. Actually, all time is now, so if you really focus enough attention (faith and belief) and enough energy (joy and gratitude) that you are attracting and creating all that you desire in this moment, then you can start to manifest more rapidly, even instantaneously (that is what we call miracles).

When I speak of time and energy with regard to the Law of Attraction, I am also referring to action and repetition. The more you focus your energy on taking action toward what you want to create, and the more you repeat that action upon time, the more you align yourself with manifesting and attracting what you want. Affirmations can play a great part in this, because they help you focus your attention on what you want, but you must put energy of emotion into those affirmations, and you must do them repeatedly and often. Always state your affirmations with gratitude for having that experience now, in the present moment – this will allow you to attract that experience as quickly as possible. For example, “I am grateful that I am now …” 

The most important part of the Law of Attraction is ACTION, which is the missing ingredient for most people. A lot of people who have watched or read “The Secret” will say that they’ve made their lists and vision boards and nothing happened. If you want to become a more fit person, sitting on the couch writing your lists, staring at your vision boards and making your affirmations will help, but it will take a commitment of energy and repeated action in order to get the best results. The Law of Attraction follows the laws of physics – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (or reflection). Every action you take is met in kind.

Everything in the Universe is energy, and all energy exists in either wave or particle form. When it is in wave form, it exists in the realm of all possibilities where it remains simply a potential; when it is in particle form, it exists in third dimensional reality where we can see it and touch it. In order to attract something from the realm of possibilities and potential into manifest form and reality, we must focus our attention, energy and time on it. Quantum physics tells us that simply by observing something by giving it our attention, we change it and bring it into form.

An energy wave consists of three things: wavelength, amplitude and frequency. In order to attract and manifest a certain thing or experience, we must make sure that we are on the same wavelength as that experience – we do that by focusing our thoughts and attention on that experience. Amplitude is the amount of energy there is in the wave – so we must make sure we put as much physical and emotional energy as possible into whatever we want to create by taking action and doing it with joy, gratitude and excitement. Frequency is the measure of how often the wave repeats – so it is important that you put time into your manifestation, and repeat it frequently.

These are the keys to living the laws of attraction: focus your attention on what you want to create, empower it with emotion and action, and do it frequently. That is how you will get the best and fastest results. So the real answer to the question regarding “the Law of Attraction and how long does it take to see results?” is that you will see results as soon as you wholeheartedly commit your attention, energy and time to what you want to create and attract.

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