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When one or more of your chakras become damaged  or blocked or muddied with residual energy then your physical and emotional health can and will be affected. This can occur as the result of negative thoughts, feelings, habits, fears, or bad desires. How you deal with your emotions will be imprinted on your energy.


Charka healing, cleansing and balancing is very beneficial for your mind body and spirit. It also helps the aura energy to stay bright, pure and positive.


When All 7 of your chakras are open and lit up as well as clean and bright then your chakra system is good and balanced.


Chakras influence us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Crystals, oils, music and nature can stimulate them.


Why do I need to have a chakras healing? 
How do I know I need to have a chakra balancing?
If I don’t what will happen and how will I keep feeling if I don’t ?


Would you like to know if you are in need of a CHAKRA  healing/ cleansing? 
Call today for for more information


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