This Week’s Horoscopes ~ March 3 – 10, 2013


General Astrology Overview for All 12 Signs:

Review and refine are the keywords of the week, and not just because Mercury is in full-on retrograde mode. This Monday, March 4, the quarter moon in Sagittarius brings a moment to pause and assess our grand plans. The question is, are said plans actually grand enough? If playing it safe has given way to mediocrity (and let’s face it, there’s nothing less inspiring than that), this quarter moon urges us to pump up the volume on our efforts. How can we strengthen the mission, aim higher, and create a goal that’s challenging enough to keep us on our toes? The global influence of Sagittarius could lead us to distant lands—perhaps the lucky charm we’re looking for is living in another corner of the world. Stre-e-e-e-etch! Sagittarius rules higher education, and this moon may reveal a seminar, training, or apprenticeship that helps round out our skills and help us leap into a new league.

Transformational Pluto in Capricorn will form a friendly (sextile) angle to retrograding Saturn in Scorpio, reminding us that the devil is in the details. Pop on the magnifying monocle and inspect, polish, and refine. Just because we can get away with the minimum doesn’t mean we should. This planetary duo encourages us to take greater pride in our work–if for no other reason than because our efforts are a reflection of ourselves. Said Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Heart healing is also on the cosmic agenda this week as loveplanet Venus links up with Chiron—the comet known as “the wounded healer.” Let’s face it: life is full of both joys and heartbreaks, but we don’t exactly have an instruction manual on how to move on from those anguish-filled moments that we endure. When platitudes like, “Keep on keeping on,” fail to turn a frown upside down, Chiron reminds us of the importance of processing our pain instead of trying to get over it. A little grieving can actually put us on the mend. If you’re still secretly (or not-so-secretly) obsessing over a conflict or a breakup, try doing a mourning ritual. For example, you might write a long letter to the offending party to get everything off of your chest. Instead of mailing it off, ceremonially burn it and sprinkle the ashes in the ground to be absorbed and transformed by the earth. Is it time to let bygones be bygones? For some of us, the Venus-Chiron meetup will create room for reconciliation. Both heavenly bodies are hovering in Pisces, the sign that rules forgiveness.

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