What To Expect In A Psychic Medium Reading

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             Choose Your Psychic Medium Wisely

I highly recommend that you wisely choose your Psychic Medium. Base it on what seems right for you, ask for recommendations from family, friends, or others you know. There are many wonderful readers out there, not everyone of them will you feel comfortable with. Listen to your own inner voice in choosing your Reader/Psychic. We are selective about who we take our car too, our physicians, etc. thus it is my belief that we should be selected who we allow to read us. If the Reader/Psychic life seems chaotic, or extremely unhealthy (i.e. drugs, alcohols, etc.), use caution here, as the message is only as clear as  the channel through which it flows. Therefore the message is going to come through a little distorted. I do want to state, this doesn’t mean the Reader/Psychic is totally free of life problem’s

Reflect On The Questions Before Your Reading

I really highly recommend before you go into any reading that you have reflected on your question’s you intend to ask. Write your questions down, take them with you to your reading. You will find that the time goes quickly, by being prepared, you will find you will  get more out of your session with your Reader/Psychic.

Try To Be Comfortable And Relaxed

As a Empath, first thing when I focus on those I am reading,  normally first thing I get is how nervous they are about being read. Some people have shared, that they never felt when the Reader/Psychic was focusing on them, and others have stated they felt this warm feeling, so it varies from person to person.  I promise you, none of us bite!! So try to relax and be comfortable, and enjoy your reading to the fullest

How Often Should You Get A Reading

Readers/Psychics are here to guide and help you become more active and creative within your own life. Very seldom is there enough changes in your life to read for you more then twice or three times a year. The readings are to give you insight into what needs to be changed,  and thus begins the work on your part to decide what you do with this insight. It’s not my desire or plan to have you become dependent upon having a reading, for then in my opinion, the whole intent of the reading has been lost, and I would be doing you a injustice, for you need to be taking responsibility for your life. 

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