Removal of Negative Energy


Find out whether you are being affected by external sources of negative energy. It is, only takes a few minutes and all I need is the full name of the person.

If you are feeling low or are suffering with a physical mental or emotional problem of some kind, or even feel you are plagued by ‘bad luck’, then you could be affected by negative energy from an external source. These external sources can include entities (spirits), implants, negative energy sent from another person (whether intentionally or unintentionally) or geopathic stress – see below for a full explanation.

This energy check is the best way to begin your path to healing. Because if we have external forces sending us negative energy or draining our natural positive healing energy (whether through malice, their own survival or entirely unintentionally), this affects our ability to heal ourselves and the success of healing or therapy sessions as it continually affects the flow of energy through our bodies – thereby affecting our mind, body and spirit on many different levels.

Once I have identified whether you have any external negative energy sources affecting you, then you can decide if you would like me to clear them for you and start your energy flowing correctly again, to try to help you get back on form.

Energy checks can be performed on yourself, a loved one or a property. Property energy checks can be performed on your home, somewhere you are attempting to sell or rent out, your place of work or your own business.

People and properties, are able to pick up negative energy attachments and other external forces of negative energy. These come in a number of forms and those that I work to remove are:



Thought Forms

Negative energy from another person (including spells/curses)

Geopathic stress

Any external source of negative energy can cause you to feel uncharacteristically depressed and lethargic, fatigued, angry, have mood changes, and/or physical pains and discomfort, like you are plagued by ‘bad luck’, and the list goes on… The longer they stay latched on to you, draining your energies, the stronger they become and the weaker you feel. Without you being consciously aware of their presence (perhaps for years at a time) these attachments leech your energies and can cause your whole personality to change, your mind to be altered, your emotions to run amok, and as a result they can ruin relationships, careers, financial stability… they have the capacity to ruin lives.

Entities and Implants are very easy to pick up from anywhere, they just catch you when you’re vulnerable. Thought forms can come from situations and events in your life, or they can be projected on you by other people.

Other people can also send you negative energy, either with intent (which some people call black magic) or unintentionally (e.g. they keep thinking negative thoughts about you, so this is accidental rather than malicious).

Geopathic stress can come from your environment (whether at work or home). Forms of geopathic stress can include negative energy flightpaths, or portals (where negative attachments can enter your environment), lay lines, fault lines, particular mineral concentrations, running water below the ground, etc – all of which affect the energy vibrations around you.

I can tune into your energies and check for the presence of these external sources of negative energy. I can check for attachments that are attached to other people as well as yourself. I can also check addresses (for your home, workplace or a property you are trying to sell or rent out) ect.

How will you remove these attachments?
I have been trained to remove negative attachments and send them on to their correct location. I have the ability to clear exceptionally powerful attachments over great distances world wide. I do not need to visit you for this energy clearing to take place, and it can be easily performed at any time.
The negative energy source is removed using a healing and energy clearing grid made for this purpose, your name, crystals, my intent and the healing energies of the universe and earth.

The negative energy source is removed using a healing and energy clearing grid made for this purpose, your name, crystals, my intent and the healing energies of the universe and earth.

How will the energy clearing affect me?
You will not have to do anything during the energy clearing, though you are advised to take it easy for a few days following the clearing. Removing energy attachments affects everybody differently. Some people do go through a period of grief or experience detox symptoms where they may feel worse before they feel better. This is because some people need time for their energies to adjust. But that said, many people sail through the experience and just feel lighter and happier all round from day one! I do advise you to keep in touch after your clearing in case you have any qHow could I have negative attachments?
The negative attachments (entities, implants and thought forms) particularly come to us because we are vulnerable in some way – for example because we are suffering with ill health, stress or just simply lack of sleep and feeling a bit more emotional than usual. This is because when we are feeling low in some way, our vibrations are low too. When we are happy, healthy and feeling carefree our vibrations are high. Low vibrations are what attracts these attachments. They know that people with low vibrations have little protection, they are vulnerable and open to ‘attack’.

Once we pick up one attachment it is very very easy to pick up another attachment, because each attachment drains our energy resources, making us feel lower, and bringing down our vibrations further. This is how some people end up collecting a number of attachments at once!

It could also be that someone in your home or workplace is particularly vulnerable at this point in time, and that they have picked up an attachment and brought it back with them. Once an attachment is present in the home or workplace it can attach to the property itself and other people there too who are less vulnerable. One attachment can be attached to more than one person, place or pet at once, because the attachments are mostly just feeding off energy itself.

So people pick up negative energy because they are feeling low in some way. And when we are feeling low there is something blocking our energies in our own body. So really picking up these attachments originates from an individual energetic issue that if resolved can further protect you from picking up attachments in the future. For more information on this subject or to discuss whether you may have an energy block that is weakening your protection from these attachments, please contact me

How long will an energy clearing last?
Well this depends entirely on the individual (their health, happiness and natural protection levels) and their circumstances (who they live/work with, where they live/work and how healthy those are around them), and also the type of negative energy force that we are clearing. Here are some examples of possible outcomes of your clearing.

Ideally your energy clearing would be permanent or at least last for a long period of time. This can happen in many cases. Some people just need the source of the negative energy removing and this gives them the energetic boost they need to remain clear for a good long while. This is what I hope for and strive for in every case.

Sometimes people find that after a clearing they are clear for a while but then they sense that there is negative energy affecting them again from an external source. When this happens, if it is an entity or implant that we have cleared, then it is unlikely that it is the same entity or implant that is returning because I ensure during the clearing that the attachments are sent to where they are meant to be (whether that be to the light or back to the dimension in which they belong, with all means of returning to you removed). So in these cases it is usually a new entity or implant that has entered your environment and attached to your energies.

How can this be? This will be because there is someone in your environment, perhaps yourself, or perhaps even the environment itself, that is vulnerable in some way and has attracted a new attachment by their vibrations falling. If this vulnerable person is yourself or someone else who was included in the clearing you had completed, then their renewed vulnerability is likely because of an internal energetic problem, within their own energy systems. This means that something is blocking the flow of energy within that person that is then causing them to feel low in some way (either causing symptoms of ill health, stress, emotional upset, or tiredness, etc). When this is the case we can perform a follow-up clearing.

Once people are strong and healthy energetically then they are no longer vulnerable to picking up attachments. Our protection grows with our happiness, health and well-being 🙂 So the best way to ensure that your energy clearing is long-lasting is to make sure that you are in the best of health that you can be. If you would like to book a healing of some kind to follow-up your energy clearing then this is advisable where possible, because any attachment present suggests that there is some personal energy work required (because, as I say, attachments are drawn to low vibrations, e.g. energetic blockages). However, it is entirely at your discretion whether you choose to do so.

~ What are Entities? ~

Entities are spirits that need to attach to living beings in order to continue in this world. We’re not just talking here about people with an obvious spirit problem – e.g. a poltergeist, or when you can feel another presence, like a sudden coldness. Here we are talking about spirits that you’re not consciously aware of, but that create havoc in your life, emotionally, physically and spiritually. By leeching off your energies they can cause your whole personality to change, your mind to be altered, your emotions to run amok, and as a result they can ruin relationships, careers, financial stability… they have the capacity to ruin lives.

As an example of their power, one of my clients has been plagued by the spirit of someone she knew. The person had commited suicide, and her spirit had stayed in this world. The spirit attached to my client, her family, pets and close friend. It was a particularly powerful, persistent spirit that caused ill health and suffering for everyone involved.

~ What are Entities? ~

Entities are really easy to pick up. You will find them anywhere. They attach to people who are vulnerable in some way – e.g. ill or upset. The best way to protect yourself from entities is to keep yourself strong, healthy and happy :o) Certain crystals are particularly good for protection too, so if you’re feeling vulnerable it wouldn’t hurt to carry one round with you. For example, Hematite and Tiger’s Eye are particularly grounding and protective.

~ What are Implants? ~

Implants attach to people and animals to see what’s going on on earth, and check up on what we do. They don’t intend to be malicious, they just like to keep tags on us. The trouble is, though they don’t mean harm, they are a drain on our energies. The most common problems they cause, other than fatigue, are headaches and stomach upsets.

As an example of their power, one of my pet rabbits had a stomach upset and he wouldn’t eat – which becomes life-threatening very quickly in bunnies. I did a chakra healing on him and he was still the same. Normally they start eating partway through a chakra healing as it gets all the energies flowing, so I checked for an implant and he had one! Literally as soon as I cleared the implant he was better :o) Quite amazing! His stomach stopped gurgling and he started to eat again.

~ What are Implants? ~

Implants are really easy to pick up, just like entities. They home in on someone who’s vulnerable – e.g. ill or upset. You can pick them up anywhere. The best way to protect yourself from implants is to keep yourself strong, healthy and happy :o) Certain crystals are particularly good for protection too, so if you’re feeling vulnerable it wouldn’t hurt to carry one round with you. For example, Hematite and Tiger’s Eye are particularly grounding and protective.

~ What are Thought Forms? ~

Thought Forms are negative thinking patterns that we can fall into after a particularly stressful event, for example a divorce or abuse. They can involve a negative attachment to a person, but they can also be a persistent negative association with some kind of trauma on any scale, ranging from a moment of pain to a car crash.

These Thought Forms once they fully take hold can take over many aspects of your life and lead to resentments, fear, anxiety and depression. The longer this negative energy stays within your system the more it grows and the bigger its effect will be on you. Thought Forms have the capacity then to make you quite ill.

The best way to protect yourself from Thought Forms is to keep yourself strong, healthy, happy and positive :o) Become aware of your thoughts, and the effect that they have on you emotionally, spiritually and even physically. By learning to get in touch with your higher self, or your intuition, you will find it much easier to stay aware of your thoughts. Amethyst is a great crystal for intuition and connection to the higher self. Meditation, focusing on opening your third eye and also working through any unresolved issues you may have, is also an excellent way to keep in touch with yourself.

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