Zodiac Signs

Aquarius(I KNOW)

January 20th to Feb 18th

Aries (I AM)

Mar 21st to Apr 20th

Cancer (I FEEL)

Jun 22nd to Jul 22nd

Capricorn (I USE)

Dec 22nd to Jan 19th

Gemini (I THINK)

May 21st to Jun 21st

Leo (I WILL)

Jul 23rd to Aug 23rd


Sep 23rd to Oct 22nd

Pisces (I BELIEVE)

Feb 19th to Mar 20th

Sagittarius (I SEE)

Nov 22nd to Dec 21st


Scorpio (I DESIRE)

Oct 23 to Nov 21

Taurus (I HAVE)

April 21st to May 20th


August 23 to September 22